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‘You've Changed’, is a series of landscapes representing the residential towns on the outskirts of the Wadi Rum and Disi desert in which the Bedouin community resides. It speaks of the transitional change it’s residents are experiencing from a traditional way of life, living in goat hair tents in the desert to a more modern approach. In contrast to the rosey landscapes of the desert we so often see, these images hope to portray the reality of the Bedouin’s transition.

The landscapes, a strange mixture of nature and man-made structures, represents the struggle the community is facing in moving forward while holding on to their traditions and customs. With major factors such as tourism reshaping the social structures and norms, the changes are translated and represented in the landscape itself.

They represent the present reality of a community who is still strongly tied to it’s land, but is also experiencing a transition into another way of life.


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